Car Parking in our office

Usually our car parking in the office gets full by 11 AM in the morning. The order of the cars parked usually tells you who came first and who came last based on the position of car parked. As the law of FIFO goes by, usually cars parked in the starting section of park are the ones to fly out first. Humans though are complex than any law or rules. Many times I see the folks who came first still has their cars parked than the ones who came later. While I’m aware this is not a newton discovery but it tells us some hidden story about these cars and people behind it. How and what makes them leave early or late? Is it passion, or lack of it — or is it just stressed work (or lack of it).

Next time you leave from your car parking, just have a look around on the pattern. I hope you get the point.


Employer Branding @ShareChat. I write everything about recruitment, employer branding and talent attraction.

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