When I booked the tickets of #tedxmitp, my first time at TED Talk, I wasn’t sure what to expect for 7 hours and 11 speakers. To my surprise, it was one of the best life experiences I have had ever.

The day opened up with Nikhil P (Tabla Guy) who mesmerized everyone with what magic Tabla can bring in any form of music.

Next up was Sarfaraz Memon who talked about story of fragrances and gave amazing insights on start, middle and end journey of fragrance. Sucheta Pal transported us into world of Zumba dancing and story of her struggle and win! We also did some groovy moves. Jidnya Pandya was the reason I could attend the talk. She opened the session with her spoken poetry one less lonely night and went on to talk about issues of social anxiety of extroverts. Even though I am an introvert, I found that talk interesting. I am a big fan of her and got opportunity to talk and click photo too. Sukriti K inspired us and debunked the myths of being a cancer patient. She came out winning from that in the ahe of 16. Rishikesh Potdar spelled the magic with paper cutting act to create a portrait of Mary Kom. Shrutkirti Fadanvis talked about myths people carry about psychology consultant, it was an eye opener for a lot. Day ended with Bre Nouz who demonstrated beat boxing; innovative form of music and beats from mouth.

In fact, even I had a fame moment when I volunteered to share an idea about recent HR Hackathon on TED Talk stage. It was a day of learning, dance, fun, fan and loads of new moments to cherish. Please attend a TED talk, you will see the amazing new world unleashed. Thank you @tedxmitp. As an added advantage, I could spend a great time with my lovely wife.


Employer Branding @ShareChat. I write everything about recruitment, employer branding and talent attraction.

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